L-K has a profound knowledge of logistics problems, and uses tools that match the requirements. 

Experience in logistics is used in the following main areas:

Airside logistics 
Procedures connected with aircraft operations airside, including interval flow on taxiways, aircraft stands, taxilanes, push-back, power in / power out, etc., and the preparation of gate procedures for aircraft and handling.

Gate logistics
Logistics models for all gate functions, including catering, fuel, 400 Hz power supplies, PCA, water, waste disposal, movable aero-bridges, cleaning, docking systems, lighting, data communication, push-back procedures, markings, nose-in / push-back, power in / power out, etc.

Baggage logistics 
Overall logistics models for baggage systems, including baggage quantity preconditions, early-check-in baggage storage, baggage control systems, X-ray principles, etc.

Terminal logistics 
Logistics flow models, including passenger flow for lounge dimensioning, desk areas, security functions, etc.

Hangar logistics
Logistics models for hangar functions (maintenance/paintwork), including service pits, tail-in, engine workshop, painting equipment, etc.

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