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Ice warnings systems
When Copenhagen Airports A/S decided to investigate the market for an ice warning system, L-K prepared the requirement specifications and subsequently the EU tender documents. L-K was also responsible for project management and supervision.

Radio link between Copenhagen Airport and Roskilde Airport (RKE)
In connection with the decision of Copenhagen Airports A/S and the Danish Civil Aviation Administration (Naviar) to establish a radio link between Copenhagen Airport and Roskilde Airport, L-K performed a line-of-sight analysis. The radio link is used to ensure up-to-date proficiency and regularity in the handling of civil air traffic in Danish airspace and as a back-up system for the air traffic control centre at Copenhagen and Roskilde. The link is also used for computer and telephone systems.

Resource assistance with CAD-based drawing documentation
L-K assisted with the documentation of various project and operations material, including the surveying and registration of airport areas and plant, and the preparation of documentation for Copenhagen Airport standards, etc.

Analysis of baggage handling and parking requirements
L-K prepared forecasts for early-check-in baggage storage and parking facilities.

Project proposal for the renovation of Pier C
L-K assisted in preparing a project proposal and catalogue of ideas for the conversion and extension of Pier C, including the collection and processing of wishes and requirements. 

Preparation of a paradigm for Operations & Maintenance 
L-K drew up a paradigm for the preparation of operating and maintenance manuals for all project work at Copenhagen Airport.

Tender RVR 
Tender regarding replacement of RVR's and implementation of AUTOMETAR in Roskilde Airport.


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